Take The Syle Guide and Shove It

With the increasing implementation of distributed publishing throughout organisations there is an increasing need to train content providers to help develop a more consistent approach and style for their online content

Column Two: Training intranet content providers via Planet KM

Hmmm ... "consistency". Why do we need consistency? Why are organisations so wary of individuality? It's the KM equivalent of insisting on people wearing suits. Surely the likelihood of people writing, and certainly writing something worth reading, is greater when there is a motivation beyond the utilitarian, some spark of self expression - dare I say it even creativity.

I had this horrible image of some poor soul finally having the balls to put their head above the parapet and write something only to have the consistency police swoop on them and insist that they squeeze every drop of originality out of it to reduce it to the same old same old that no one ever bothers to read anyway!