A classic

There was an item on the Today programme this morning about a competition being run by BBC Music Magazine for younger listeners to review classical albums or artists and for the winners to be published in the magazine. As well as Oliver Condy, the editor ot the magazine, they also had a professional music critic in the studio.

Firstly the critic suggested that the competition was too conventional and that they should take a look at some of the "excellent" classical music blogs out there.

Oliver Condy responded by saying "There are thousands of blogs - the good ones are too hard to find." Well - the guy sitting next to him had obviously managed!

Next the Today presenter chipped in with the timeless "How do you know you can trust a blogger to write a good review?" This encouraged the critic to forget his previous endorsement of blogs and say "I am worried because no one needs experts any more - opinion seems to mean as much as expertise."

Excellent! This story has so much in it that I have had to write it even though I am forced to do so on my phone.

So to recap: It is better to have your writing judged by BBC Music because you might, just might, get published in print  than to write it on your own blog, have it peer reviewed by other classical music fans, possibly read by thousands and picked up and raved about by professionals such as the critic in the studio?

Hmmm .... oh well ... according to the Today presenter you are probably lying anyway ...