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Whenever people ask me what I think is going to happen on the web in the future I am very wary of making predictions but I reckon that there will be more and more tools making sense of the conversations so many of us are now having online and putting the patterns we create to new uses.

ReputationDefender claims to mind your back on the web .....

By nearly all measures, the Internet is a boon to the way we all live. But the transparency of the Internet has also produced a seriously problematic, albeit unintended, effect: the Internet threatens to invade almost everyone's privacy. It affects almost everyone's reputation. Online content about even the most casual Internet users can be harmful, hurtful, or even plain false. The founders of our company asked one another: isn't it time someone fought back?

..... and while it feels a bit paranoid to me I believe it is a sign of the sorts of tools that we will see more and more of.

Link via Preoccupations