Putting two and two together

I love my first RSS surf of the day as there are usually loads of great posts and reading them in one go throws up lots of interesting and sometimes challenging associations.

First I read Jack Vinson's post about Enterprise 2.0 tools not changing the culture in and of themselves. I posted a comment to the effect that they do but over time. It takes a while for people to see the benefit of the change in behaviour that they enable.

Later I read Ming's reference to this passage from a speech by Eben Moglen that I believe sums up what is really going on and why it is worth hanging in there:

If we know that what we are trying to accomplish is the spread of justice and social equality through the universalization of access to knowledge; If we know that what we are trying to do is build an economy of sharing which will rival the economies of ownership at every point where they directly compete; If we know that we are doing this as an alternative to coercive redistribution, that we have a third way in our hands for dealing with long and deep problems of human injustice; If we are conscious of what we have and know what we are trying to accomplish, when this is the moment for the first time in lifetimes, we can get it done.

As he Ming says - it is really quite subversive and isn't going to happen overnight.