Manifesto for an Emerging Consultant Counter Culture

I had been going to write a post about the above topic but won't need to bother now as Jevon has put together seven predictions for next year that are spot on and definitely worth reading if you are into this stuff.

All I will say is to repeat my comment on his post:

I definitely think you are on the money with no.6. The big consulting firms are circling this stuff at the moment but as I said to someone on IM recently they would need personality transplants. I don't mean that rudely but most of them just don't get this stuff.

I have also had loads of conversations with others involved in this field and we all agree that there is the possibility for a new model of consulting. In fact I don't even like calling it consulting as I'd rather put a space between the way we do things with the way they were done in the past.

In the same way as managers are going to have to move from command and control to the much subtler art of influencing so too those involved in helping organisations from the outside need to be much subtler in their approaches and a million miles away from the learned dependency of traditional consulting.

Lastly the myth of there being a single solution is unsustainable in a web environment. There are many possible paths and what matters more than the destination is the state of mind of the travelers!