Get your boots on

"Underneath (and including!) the wild variety and deliberate tentativeness of our spiritual practices and principles, we "outsiders" do, in fact, share a coherent culture, with its own strongly held values, its own ways of making community and sense. It's a culture native to the here and now, looking to the future more than the past, drawing on the human heritage according to present, urgent need rather than ancestral dictum. And it's a culture on the move, a new lifeform evolved to survive the flood of change not by resisting it with arks and dikes and dams, but by swimming in it and breathing it. It's a culture stripped down and lightened up for a journey without a destination. It is, you could say, nomadic. And in that sense, perhaps, it's a high-tech return to our hunter-gatherer roots. "

AmbivaBlog: Once We Were Nomads

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