Not a bad spot for the weekend

It doesn't get much better - relaxing after Lift06 with a really interesting bunch of people in a small chalet with views over Les Dents Du Midi, having had a long soak in the hot tub, with fast broadband and wifi, hearing the clink of dishes as our meal of raclette is prepared.

[Update] I said that things couldn't get better. I was wrong.

After dinner we all ended up in the hot tub again looking up at a sky full of stars which in itself was awesome enough but then a neighbour in the next valley started up a firework display that wouldn't put London to shame and lit up the snow covered slopes looming above us.

[Update] OK Just when I thought it couldn't get even better Pierre, our host, sprinted down to his chalet and returned with a bottle of Cognac that was 109 years old ......