When Maister

When partners (and other people) say they want more or better internal communication in firms, it doesn't actually mean that they want to hear more from firm leadership (although that's how it is usually translated.) What it actually means is that people want to be listened to more - they want the chance to voice their views and to have management take them seriously. Internal blogs would allow this.

Professional firms (along with other types of corporate entities) always SAY they want to be consultative and participative, but the truth is that often managers in such firms are often terrified of participation. They would be frightened of what would be seen as open dialogue and discussion of firm management issues (horrors - open dissent!) However, there probably could be no better way to re-energize today's bloated partnerships than using today's technology to engage, enthuse and involve the partners.

David Maister.com (Via Jon Husband.)

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