Great minds think alike

No - honestly - I am not comparing myself to Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay but the list of conditions that he gives as success factors could have come from my own lips in one of my workshops. These are exactly the three factors that I believe made the work we did at the BBC succeed where others have failed.

Access: open access, level playing field, transparency, equal access to information are attributes of any environment with positive outcomes

Connection: enabling individuals to connect and interact with one another.  Market solutions, collaboration and wisdom of crowds.

Sense of ownership: skin in the game lets individuals feel there is an investment required to participate and accountability (e.g. reputation systems).

These are also the three things most challenging to conventional organisational thinking where gatekeepers to knowledge wield power, allowing staff to form their own connections and take action is seen as leading to chaos and accountability is reserved for the grown ups.

PC Forum: Conversation with Pierre Omidyar (Via Ross Mayfield.)

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