The irritation economy

I am getting so hacked of with companies who have badly designed web sites, contact numbers that consign you to call centre hell, and a buying experience that generally leaves me tired and wound up. I am beginning not to care so much how cheap their services are. I'd rather pay more than feel this shitty.

In a post in which he picks up on Esther Dyson's Relationship Economy which she wrote in response to his excellent Intention Economy Doc Searls says:

I think we'll like the results if we're willing to relate, and not just transact or converse. Even if I'm entirely selfish as a customer, I'm more willing to buy goods from a seller I'm used to dealing with, and who has a history of providing me with good service, and improves offerings and services based on good intelligence gained by actually relating to customers, and not just selling stuff to them.

I reckon Doc is right. What I really want is some sort of relationship with companies I buy from. No matter how tenuous it would be better than the total disregard I frequently experience.