Have I told you before how much I like meeting other bloggers?

I know I have gone on about it in the past but yet again I have had great pleasure in meeting bloggers face to face here in Australia.

Firstly Earl Mardle, of a Networked World and I had a great old chin wag in eateries and cafes round the harbour here in Sydney. As he says in his post we had a lot in common, including a past in radio, and I have to say I was not the only one who could evangelise the hind legs off a donkey!

Later in the week I met up with Trevor Cook, of Corporate Engagement, for a Chinese meal and a few beers and yet again found loads in common not least our passion for blogging.

Although I wasn't hampered by the language difference that David Weinberger had in Italy (well apart from the odd bit of colonial abuse of the language) I shared his experience of finding bloggers just really nice people.

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