Charles Handy and Will Alsop

It is not every day that you get to have breakfast with such luminaries as writer Charles Handy and architect Will Alsop but today I did.

The occasion was a breakfast meeting hosted by Morgan Stanley to promote the new London International Festival Of Theatre Parliament initiative. LIFT have launched a competition to design a space which can be moved around the world in the hope that the parliament (used with the original French meaning of the word as a democratic place to talk) will be both a performance space and will also bring together people from all backgrounds to talk about some of the challenges facing societies around the world.

As some of you remember I have been involved with LIFT for a few years now and have benefited from their uncanny ability to bring together really interesting and challenging people from the arts and business and sticking them in a room together with an excuse to talk. This morning was no exception and the the LIFT Parliament is a brave and ambitious attempt to build on these experiences on a much grander scale.