A word on accountability

One of the aspects of this new connected world we are inhabiting is that the high degree of visibility and the fact that Google doesn't forget means that we have to be more conscious of our behaviour than in the old analogue world. Casual remarks can last forever and people we have never met can make assumptions about us based on what we write. My blog is a large part of my professional persona these days too and ripples from my actions here can reach the four corners of the globe.

When I started writing this blog I studiously avoided negativity of any sort, hoping that it might be a small optimistic influence on the world in the face of so much negativity we experience through mainstream media. I have however been slipping recently and my last post about act-km has rattled a few cages.

I wrote it for the reasons that Niall picked up on immediately in the comments - that it is frustrating that some people involved in knowledge management spend way to much time on the management and are too inclined to tell people what they should or shouldn't say and how they should or shouldn't say it. It is this that kills so many of the systems intended to encourage people to share their knowledge. Yes maybe I "should" have expressed my frustration on the forum but to be honest it would have just resulted in more of what was frustrating me anyway!

Maybe it is not such a bad thing to let my guard slip a bit now and then - a friend IM'd me to say that he preferred it as it made me seem "more like the rest of us".

What do you reckon?