Don't let the buggers grind you down

Taking Sam Sethi as my inspiration I have decided to vent my frustration at three instances of the increasingly common "individual meets corporation and gets bounced" syndrome.

1. It has taken weeks to get my beloved TomTom replaced and then, having worked my way through and around their obscure support system with some help from friends in high places, I now find that my safety camera POI's don't work with my replacement box because they don't recognize it as a valid unit. When I try to change the device code it says I can't within six months!!!

2. I was tempted by Orange's offer of low cost broadband and free VoIP calls but having not been able to find ANY technical info on their website and having had stunning silence in response to even basic questions about things like WDS I now find myself scurrying back to the safety of my trusty Zen Broadband account.

3. I have been trying since last November to be credited with BA Executive Club airmiles for a return trip from Singapore and won't go into the details, because it would be worthy of a book, but suffice to say it would have been easier to get my flight details carved on stone and carried by yak overland from Sydney to London than to go through the lengthy, painful and still not over process I have had to endure.

"Your call really matters to us ....." - if it really mattered to them they'd put on enough staff so that I don't have to wait an average of ten minutes anytime I want to talk to someone!

I am sure there is going to be a new charge of manslaughter in the future as relates to help desks, call centres and general corporate intransigence.