Techno love

OK so I have had my frustrations with both my Nokia N70 and my TomTom 700 but after three weeks in rural France I love them both to bits.

The phone enabled me to respond to several offers for consulting gigs, a request for a video interview and one for an e-mail interview, a couple of conference possibilities, a job offer, and most usefully cheating with photo messages instead of postcards - all while supposedly not working sitting on a beach in the south of France.

The TomTom not only got us from home to our two holiday bases and back but also navigated its way to and from cute, tiny remote villages for wonderful evening meals.

Even my iBook and iPod played their part letting the kids watch DVD's in the back of the car during the very long journeys as I whiled away the hours listening to three hour Chris Moyles' shows that my EyeTV "time shifted" off the radio before we left home.

OK - so maybe I am a geek!