Rolling snowballs

When Doc was speaking at Reboot earlier this year he spoke of rolling snowballs. Chucking ideas out and seeing which ones gain traction. If you throw enough of them out in the first place there is more chance of one of them gathering size and then who knows where you end up.

I'd like to do my own little bit to add momentum to a snowball originally rolled by Britt Blazer and pushed along by Doc.

I have found myself uncomfortably close these days to getting interested in politics. Why uncomfortable? Because traditional bi-party polarised politics has always been deeply unattractive to me. Why get interested now? Because I am beginning to believe that there is another way of running things that will emerge out of all the web activity that fascinates me so.

As Britt says:

Just as citizens can do journalism, we can do politics and, even better, governance. Truth be told, those of us in the middle value our common sense and decency more than we value our rage. We’re finally motivated to do the intervention we’ve been avoiding.

He quotes Jerry Vass who writes:

We are not even a “party.” We are “us” - the people that own the country. Where politicians work for “us” not for their party, but for us, the people. Where our political representatives, our hired hands, do what they are told by their bosses—us.

Who knows, maybe out of all of these conversations and exchange of ideas that blogging has enabled we will some day tackle the really big stuff. The stuff that matters. How we run ourselves and conduct ourselves in the world. It may not be any one particular group and certainly unlikely to be some sort of "killer app." but I am more and more confident that the connected worldview that we are fostering is different from what we have experienced before and certainly affords us a new means of expressing ourselves and making our views known. Maybe we will be able to regain some of the ground lost to those who see life as a fight which has to be won and polarise everything into black and whit maybe the middle has something to add after all.

The Raging Middle. The Radical Middle. The Essential Middle. The Vital Middle. The Crucial Middle. The Crucial Center. The Majority Middle.

[Update] Looks like Stowe has been thinking along similar lines:

I believe that this thing we are doing is more than a get-rich-quick scheme, and more than just another brand of detergent: more than commerce.