Passion sharing


Many moons ago a friend and I were talking on the Sony stand at IBC in Amsterdam and we realised that both of us were waving our arms around and getting animated like madmen about the topic of conversation. My friend stopped, thought for a moment, and said "As I get older I have less and less time for people who don't get this animated about what they do or think". I couldn't agree more and if there is a single strand to the various things that frustrate me and press my buttons, it is the lack of passion and care-less attitudes that I come across in all sorts of settings.

Alexander Kjerulf has an interesting post, and the great illustration above, about the futility of knowledge sharing - and the greater likelihood of passion sharing. This really rang true for me in my experience both at the BBC and subsequently with my clients. Where there is passion there's a way and where there isn't you might as well give up if you are trying to do more than just fill the time 'till pay day.

I can hear some of you saying "But not all work requires passion - what about the boring bits that have to be done to keep the show on the road?". Maybe sometimes passion is too strong a word. But you do have to care even about the mundane things in life if you are going to stay sane. In fact it is those who are able to make even the mundane things matter who end up being effective and successful.

[Later] It just dawned on me that this opens up the possibility of "passion managers". Now there's a job title to make people sit up and take notice!