Richard Sambrook blogging in the wild

Richard, Director of Global News And World Service at the BBC, was probably the most enthusiastic blogger - and certainly the most senior one - that we had blogging inside the firewall when I was at the BBC. He took to it like a duck to water writing most days and often more than once a day on all sorts of subjects and his internal blog has been a must read for literally thousands of BBC staff for almost a year now.

I talk about that blog during my workshops and audiences have expressed frustration that they can't read it. Well you still can't read that one but Richard has recently started writing on a Typepad blog out here in the real world and its called SacredFacts. I know from chatting to Richard that it is no mean challenge deciding what to write about on this external blog and what to say given his very public position but from the look of it so far he's going to give it a bloody good go!