Not before time!

... the Cheap Revolution, the wholesale shift by corporate customers and techmakers to cheap chips and open-source (often free) software such as Linux. They are embracing simplicity, unlocking prodigious new power and cutting tech costs by up to 90%, threatening the Silicon Valley plutocracy: the proprietary gear, "closed" software, redundant backup systems and fat profit margins of incumbents like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, EMC and other blue-chip nameplates.

People who know me know that one of my favourite rants is about the systematic fleecing of business by the IT industry over the last few years and how people's tolerance for it is at an all time low.

Hopefully Forbes are right about this trend (I believe they are) and we will finally get away from willie waving IT procurement deals that may have increased the machismo of those involved but did bugger all to further the interests of their organisations.