Being Bliss

Hadn't realised that Indigo Ocean, a blogger who I really enjoyed reading way back in the early days but had lost touch with, has a book out. I've just added Being Bliss to my shopping basket.

Thanks to Dave Pollard for the link in a great post which really rang true for me and included the following scarily familiar paragraph:

It's kind of humbling to have to admit, at the age of 55, that you don't know how to breathe (I breathe shallowly, through my lungs not my abdomen, 19 times a minute rather than the ideal of only 8), that you don't know how to sit or stand properly (I hunch, sway-backed, and my posture is the sad result of weak muscles and over-compensation), and that you neglect your body's critical needs (rest, water, etc. -- despite my exercise routine, my at-rest heart rate is an alarming 90 bpm). These are the consequences of living inside your head instead of in the 'real' world, and 55 years of bad habits won't be undone overnight, and will require sustained effort to prevent recidivism.