Apple makes me cry sometimes too

This rang very true for me. The whole article is worth a read.

I'm a very modern person. I don't have any affiliations to traditional religion, and I don't really feel any national loyalties. I was born in the U.K., but I've lived in cities like London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin. It's become clear that if I do have a religion, it's a humanist one -- a profound reverence for human creativity, for example. And if I do have something like a consistent homeland, it might as well be the Mac OS. Because wherever I am physically, that's where I spend most of my time.

So you'll see why, for someone like me, an Apple keynote speech is much more than a new product announcement. It's a sermon, a series of miracles and a rousing patriotic oration about the homeland.

Wired - Why Apple Makes Me Cry