The web feels safer every day ....

... thanks to the efforts of mainstream media.

I wrote a while back about my increasing discomfort at the sort of images that are routinely pumped into my living room by people who, rather arrogantly, see themselves as trusted providers of information. Tonight on the way home the front cover of The London Evening Standard was plastered with a large picture of Nick Berg being beheaded in Iraq. There were hundreds of these images in the station and on the train.

Significantly for me these were Images which I had managed to avoid on the web.

And before someone leaps in with the accusation that I am sticking my head in the sand let me assure you that I actively seek to understand all sorts of uncomfortable, and in many case unpleasant, aspects of human nature and strive to gain a deep understanding of what they are and why they happen. However I don't need pornographic images of another human being's suffering thrust at me on the way home in order for me to be able to achieve that understanding.