Disney Threatens Media Critic, Advertisers Exit Hate-Filled Talk Radio Show

Some time ago, before I left the BBC, I took part in a meeting about blogging with Mark Byford, the BBC's Deputy Director General and the executive with primary responsibility for news and editorial standards.

During the meeting he raised the familiar question about whether you could trust bloggers. In response I said that trusting individual bloggers on the first reading would be foolish but that over time one built up patterns, connections and associations that I did believe meant that you could trust bloggers - certainly when seen as a network.

I also said that I increasingly didn't "trust" BBC news in the sense that I found their coverage to be sensationalistic and focussed on the negatives in the world and that I and others were increasingly choosing not to "consume" it.

On the web I can exercise judgement as to who I read, who I link to and largely what images I am subjected to.

Once I let the television into my living room I can't.