The joys of good kit

Pretty much every day for the last three months I have been out walking for an hour or so come rain or come shine. Tonight was very much of the "come rain" variety but thanks to my wonderful Paramo kit it was a real joy.

Paramo stuff is not cheap but IMHO it is really worth it. It works on the basis of regular impregnation with NikWax proofing and this allows them to make much softer more comfortable clothing than is possible with the Gortex sort of solution. Picture 1.png

I have an Alta II jacket and a pair of pair of Viento Zip-Off trousers and both are amazingly comfortable and waterproof. But it is the attention to detail that gets me. They both really feel as if people who have spent a lot of time sitting on wet hillsides suffering from inferior kit have put a lot of thought into them. For instance the zip-off trousers not only have different coloured studs to join the bottoms to each leg but the studs are slightly different sizes so they only work on the appropriate side. This may seem like overkill but when you are trying to get them on in a hurry in the teeth of a gale little things like this can make a real difference.

The other big difference I notice is with my previous jackets and is the hood. The Paramo one has plenty of built in toggle adjusters but the main difference is that with the softer material it turns with my head and doesn't make me feel cut off from my surroundings like my old one did due to the rustling of the material!

Anyway, I could go on, but thanks to my Paramo clothing and the glorious Miguelo Migs album Colourful You at full volume on my iPod I have had a great walk on a dark, and very wet, night.