Yep I bought one last night and here are a few first thoughts:

1. It is gorgeous - even the packaging is a delight.

2. Signing up for O2 is a doddle through iTunes.

3. It's my first video iPod and the screen is truly amazing.

4. The interface is so nice and wifi so easy that I am even using at around the house instead of my laptop

5. The camera has better colour than my N73 even if lower res and at least it doesn't take half an hour for the camera to warm up!.

6. Loading photos is bliss as iPhoto syncs as soon as you dock the phone.

7. It knows that my home number is used by both my wife and I so when I get a call it says it is from Penny OR Euan - neat.

9. I have had 3G for a year and the absence of it really doesn't feel bad - partly because the interface for things like mail is soooo much better to use.

10. Yes I had to pay for the phone and we are used to getting them bundled but it definitely feels worth the money and I reckon the data plan from O2 will work out cheaper than what I was paying with Three.