Thomas on the BBC and DRM

There has been a great comments thread on my previous post about the BBC and DRM but I thought this comment from Thomas Vander Wal worth quoting.

If the BBC took the money it spends on "protecting" its media and put it into a drop dead simple means of paying for and quickly downloading its shows it would find a much larger paying audience for its productions that it currently restricts itself to.

The content is fantastic and builds fans around the globe. We would love to buy the shows, say 10 pounds for the season of QI or Top Gear, if you seed your own torrent servers to ensure quality of the product. Open media would be bought (look at the Yahoo experiment with open MP3 sales at much hirer rates than their proprietary DRM sales) and make far more money for the producers of the content than the short-sighted approach the BBC plans on using. Buying DRM tools and wrapping the media is buying the lies of others who are making their money off your decision to make less money. This is the logic of today, not the broken logic of yesterday that you so strongly believe in.

I realise that I am pretty much letting others speak for me but although I feel strongly that the current thinking is broken I haven't managed to formulate a post that would contribute much to the arguments.