Tricky to Rock aRhyme

I love my new Nokia N73 and it is a big advance on the N70 apart from one real niggle. They have introduced a button on the side of the phone that jumps you straight to your image gallery. Trouble is I keep pressing that button by mistake when I pick the phone up and it introduces a frustrating delay while I clear the screen and get back to what I wanted to do. Someone thought this was making things easier - it hasn't.

While taking part in a meeting about a client's intranet design one group kept re-iterating that it had to be kept simple. Trouble is simple meant prioritizing the things that they thought were important which would almost certainly make it harder for everyone else.

I recently saw a screen grab of modifications that have been made to the BBC's intranet wiki since I left. Presumably this was again done to make things easy but making a wiki look like a web page doesn't make it easy, it makes it confusing, and I spent a good five minutes staring at the page trying to work out what the various bits were or did.

Expecting people to make a little bit of effort isn't always a bad thing!