Media I Consume

Apologies to Luis for having taken so long to get around to this but below you will find my responses to the latest meme, namely what my media consumption looks like.

Web: I very rarely visit sites as such. I subscribe to around 300 RSS feeds of bloggers, news sites, forums and searches and these largely form my stepping off points on to the wider web. I rarely navigate within sites preferring to get in, get the good stuff and get out. However I do go "off piste" on a regular basis to take pot luck and try to make sure that I don't get caught in an echo chamber. I really, really HATE flash navigation that makes me wait while it loads and prevents me from copying and pasting text.

Music: I listen to music all the time while working, in the car, walking and on trains. Mostly I listen to dance, trance tracks with some chill-out and soul thrown in. Anyone interested in the patterns of what I listen to can follow my listening on LastFM though as it only tracks the listening on my least used source it may not be very current.

TV: I am in the room while the TV is on and consequently see a fair bit but I rarely really watch it. I like films and dramas, occasionally pay attention to a documentary and frequently rant at the news. I generally feel that TV soaks up energy and homogenizes thinking. As readers of this blog already know I would far rather download video content recommended by the people in my aggregator and watch it when and where I want.

Communication: I communicate pretty constantly via e-mail, text, iChat, Twitter, blogging, Skype, telephone and face to face. Contrary to popular opinion I still value face to face highly but would be lost without the ability the other tools give me to make the most effective use of my face to face time. I love using my phone for e-mail and get my phone messages translated into text by SpinVox but get increasingly grumpy when I get a phone call and have to stop what I am doing. My pet hate is being with someone who when the phone rings decides to answer the call, even if they don't know who it is, rather than keep talking to me.

Movies: I don't get to go to cinemas very often but watch movies on planes on my laptop. I increasingly don't like violent films and really, really hate the way American films only have one or two story lines and have to end with the ubiquitous party celebrating the victor.

Magazines: Don't buy any any more.

Books: Buy and read loads. I am an Amazon junky but also buy from bookshops all the time. I started stockpiling books recently after reading Steve Leveen's The Little Guide To Your Well Read Life and the line of shiny new books waiting to be read is just soooo exciting.

Newspapers: I don't read them except over other people's shoulders. The only one I bought in the last three years was to put on the floor of our rabbit's hutch!

[Update] Probably because of the given categories I didn't include radio or podcasts. I am Chris Moyles' biggest fan and have been know to be late for meetings rather than miss the end of one of his mad rants. I also listen to more and more podcasts and love MacBreak Weekly and the GTD podcasts from David Allen