Your Media is Less Valuable Than Mine?

A while back an older friend of mine said "Ah - bloggers - that's all those people on the web just expressing their opinions".

Well.... yes ... and what's so wrong with that? What is it about society - especially, I would suggest, here in Britain - that expressing your opinion is somehow seen as impolite or arrogant?

I find the attitude that only certain people should have the right to say what they think impossible to understand these days and deeply worrying. It is that sort of attitude that gives people power and the ability to misuse it. It was the lack of willingness to say what they thought that took the Germans into the hands of the Nazis.

We all know that there is rubbish on the web - indeed I have written some of it myself - but I will defend fiercely my right - and yours - to write rubbish. If we start pre-filtering and conferring greater authority on certain cells in the ecosystem then it will become cancerous and fail to work.