Genies and bottles

....what actually happened was that we had unwittingly created a backchat channel for the delegates. Conversations started to spring up during the presentations, with delegates helping each other on bits of the Social Media that they didn't understand. Some delegates started arguing or agreeing with each other online, adding footnotes to the presentation all while the speaker was still at the podium. Then when the speaker finished we showed the feedback before they started answering. It was a bit like getting the results of your exam the moment you stopped writing it.

Some speakers were nonplussed while other veterans actually stopped in mid flow to check what the issues were and dealt with them in real time.

It was a conference - but not as you and I know it Captain.

Marc Wright describing the way the Q&A system at his conference last week morphed into a conversation before our very eyes. Those of us who are used to attending geek conferences are used to IRC backchannels but it was fun to see the phenomenon emerge in such an unexpected setting.

Not sure I appreciate being called a veteran though!