Not that size matters ...

... but I today asked my mate Nic Price, who took on the running of our social computing tools at the BBC when John, I, and the rest of the team left, how the numbers were looking currently. His response made me chuckle:

talk.gateway (discussion forum)

23,204 members have posted a total of 31,951 replies within

6,736 topics in 102 visible forums.

496 “Thanks” in the last 6 months

Gateway wiki usage

Number of wikis 491
Registered users 5182
Number of pages 115203
Pages updated daily (average) 199

Aparently the blogs continue to thrive too but Nic doesn't have current figures for them.

Out of a possible intranet reach of 30,000 I reckon that's not bad and nice to see that "thanks" survived as a "key performance indicator" since my departure .