No BBC 4 Me

I've been avoiding commenting on the fiasco the BBC has got itself into about rigged competitions because I don't want to give the impression of some frustrated harpie wingeing from the sidelines. This is not the case - I've left and left it behind. However watching Mark Thomson on the TV last night has wound me up enough to say what I think.

The story has it all, the arrogance and complacency that allowed them to get into the mess in the first place, Mark Thomson's hard man, command and control response, and then bleating on, again, about trust ...

Earl Mardle agrees and as he says there is a lot of repairing to do - not least inside the organisation. I reckon the best scenario would be for it to all fall apart and then the good guys, and there are still a hell of a lot of them there, can rebuild the place in a form approriate to the current, distributed, story telling world.