Kids and religion

This week my younger daughter has been attending an event called Lighthouse, described on its own website as "a holiday week for children aged 4-11 run by Christians from local churches." As you can imagine this is not something I am comfortable with. The whole event is such blatant indoctrination. It is a huge, complex event and they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts so that my wife has an easy week the first week of the holidays. They are doing it so that my daughter comes home singing their "bad pop" jingle jangle songs about Christ and crosses and suffering. She's six for goodness sake - get out of her head!

So why do I "let" her go I ear you cry. For the same reasons that I don't "force" her to be vegetarian like me. I want as much as possible to tech her to make her own mind up and she very much wanted to be with her friends who were all going. She has no illusions about my own feelings on organised religion and the most I feel I can do is make my own views apparent through my words and actions and let her work things out for herself.

Like Marcus Brigstocke says "Saying that a four year old is a Christian is like saying they are a member of The Postal Workers Union" maybe saying she is not a Christian is the same?