Production values

Gia picks up on a great rant about the "truth" of television which makes the point that there is so much inevitable artifice in the process that clinging to the truth is no mean feat.

This was why it was so hysterically funny when the BBC turned the monster in on intself and employed televisual techniques for their One BBC internal comms campaign. The idea was to engender a more collaborative culture within the organisation but mass staff meetings with swooping camera moves, "hard hitting" interviews with senior managers and happy clappy staff talking heads just made some of us feel like all grip of reality had been lost. It is bad enough doing this sort of stuff to the public but doing it to yourselves ..... It was a bit like watching a dog caught in a trap chewing its own leg off.

In contrast someone on our internal bulletin board, talk.gateway, said that the forums had done more to engender a one BBC feel than any of the official activities but we had done it ourselves, slowly and subtly by spending time with each other online, socialising and rubbing shoulders. Surely the way any real culture change happens?