Accountable in accounts

I have been trying really, really hard not to write this post. Firstly because, believe it or not, I still try to keep The Obvious? focussed on the positive things in life rather than the negative, and secondly because I am really wary of having a go at my ex-employer, The BBC, in case I appear as some sort of disgruntled ex employee sniping from the sidelines which is very far from the case.

However ....

I have been trying to get paid for some work I did for the BBC twelve months ago and have still not succeeded. I have filled in really important forms for various really important people - at least once. I have engaged in e-mail conversations and phone conversations and yet today - after all this effort - I was told I had sent a form to the wrong person!

Being on the receiving end of the incompetent bureaucratic overhead of large corporation is painful but doesn't half stiffen resolve. These are the "grown ups" who would have us believe that they are running things and are indispensable. They are not and they aren't. They are cogs in a badly designed wheel and their existence makes the possibilities of their demise all the more realistic.

Things don't have to be this bad.