Working things out

John Gray in Black Mass convincingly compares enlightenment utopias such as communism and global liberal democracy with Christian religious faith in progress through various trials towards a glorious end point. Redemption for sins and passage into a promised world in which human frailties no longer exist. He argues that they are equally naive and that human nature will never change in its fundamentals or diversity and that we have to live with inevitabilities and deal with them rather than pretend they can be eradicated. He advocates realism and continuous re-working of institutions to deal with conflicting challenges and desires as they arise and sees the process as unending.

I have always had a nagging doubt that my enthusiasm for social computing in both business and society at large can appear dangerously utopian. If we all just get a blog then the world becomes a better place. But in fact Gray's analysis is closer to my truth. Shit happens, we're all different, our civilization or businesses are fragile but having an effective platform on which to carry out the endless working things out that is no necessary is something precious and worth advocating and protecting.