Stretching my legs and stretching my mind.

Prompted by a few unkind comments about the amount of weight I was carrying in the video of my talk at BiF I resolved to get serious about getting into shape. I love walking, find running destructive and hate gyms so the solution was obvious. I bought a superb Digiwalker pedometer and have built up to the weight loss inducing minimum of 15,000 paces a day (around seven or eight miles). I do most of the mileage in the evenings as a means of causing minimum disruption to home life and have come to appreciate the steep hills and streetlights of our neighbouring towns Chesham and Amersham.

The biggest joy of all this though is having the time and the excuse to listen to speech audio on my iPhone. As most of you already know I love Leo Laporte's podcasts and look forward to the latest editions of Macbreak Weekly, Twit and his radio show The Tech Guy. Through Leo's sponsorship deal with Audible I was reminded also of the delights of audio books. I was lucky enough to meet the founder of Audible many years ago on BBC trip to MIT just as he was staring up the service. I had subscribed in the past but never had the time to really get into book length recordings. My current evening walks give me just the excuse I needed and in fact the joint reinforcements of really looking forward to listening to the podcast or chapter in my current book (A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson at the moment) and the joy of feeling my body get back into shape again make my evening walks one of the best bits of my days.