Bye bye TV hello EyeTV

I haven't really got into television for many years now and my engagement with it had become much like my music listening before iTunes - half hearted and sporadic.

However I have been using EyeTV for some time to watch television on a Mac - in fact we watch hardly any TV on the TV these days. Now with the new version it has become trivially easy to scan the schedules using filters (to show for example only films or only documentaries) make my selections for which to record and then EyeTV records them, converts them to H264 and dumps them into iTunes. I can then have a playlist of different types of programming that I can stream to any machine in the house, including my iPhone, or take with me for long journeys.

So in other words EyeTV has done for TV exactly what iTunes did for music. Freed the programme from the schedule, in the way that tracks were freed from the album, and allow me to watch pretty much what I want, were I want and how I want.

As to DRM my response would be that all I am doing is time shifting in just the same way as I have been able to with VHS for decades. Wouldn't it be madness for broadcasters to criminalize their "customers" the way the music industry has, especially as I have already paid for the content through my licence fee or advertising, just at the point at which I am getting back into watching the stuff that they produce ... wouldn't it .....?