RT Twitter

This is a re-post of my first reference to Twitter - nearly two years ago!!

All a Twitter

I have been playing with Twitter over the weekend and have to confess that when I saw it I thought it would be a complete waste of time. However ...

You know that feeling when you wonder what your mates are up to - well Twitter lets you know. Users can update the system with what they are doing from their mobiles or from the web and then all of their friends can opt to be pinged with this information.

Now I can imagine you all thinking what a nerdy, obsessive, male thing to do but trust me - it gets interesting. I have already had several occasions in a couple of days where people have doing things that I either found useful to find out about or was able to offer help in some way and I started thinking how useful this could be in a business context.

I can think of loads of times when it would have been useful to find out that someone was working on a particular thing, or about to go into a meeting that affected me or visiting my building when meeting up would be useful. If you get enough "ooh that's interesting" moments then Twitter could quickly become a useful business tool.