Quiet voices

I was given a timely reminder yesterday that my enthusiasm can sometimes drown quieter voices and that this flies totally in the face of what motivates me. So thanks to the person who gave me that reminder.

Dave Snowden once had a go at me about being anti-evangelical in terms of religious views but evangelical about my own views. My response was that I don't want people to think what I think. I just want them to think, talk to each other about what they think and I have every confidence that if we all get better at doing that we will end up somewhere cool. It may not be where I thought I was going but that is cool too.

I am never happier than when someone gains the confidence to open up and start expressing their thoughts and ideas through blogging and so it was a real treat to get the following feedback from an attendee at a conference I spoke at this week.

I've had a blog block for ages. I love writing, talking and exchanging ideas; I'm good at meeting people and networking and I've always got a new thought that I don't know what to do with because there's only so many times that a patient friend wants to hear the words "i've got a great idea". Surely that list should make a person into a blogger? but I couldn't blog. My blog was set up but I couldn't blog.

Then I listened to you talk on Wednesday, and for some reason I cannot explain, my blog block started to evapourate. I wouldn't say you were the most charasmatic of speakers (that is not meant at all to offend only to divide you from persons whose speeches verge more on the entertaining rather than the imparting of knowledge.) Your calm and ordered approach suddenly made it all seem fantastically Obvious.