Amplified '08

Over the past few months I have been chucking some ideas around with Toby Moores about a physical "network of networks". Toby runs the Creative Coffee Club and has been active in several of the social media clubs that have sprung up in the past year and we both felt that there had to be a way to get more out of the collective energy these groupings represented.

Toby had been having similar conversations with others such as David Terrar, Lloyd Davis and Alex Craxton who run Wiki Wednesdays, The Tuttle Club and Mobile Mondays respectively. It reminded me of what we saw at the BBC with our forums - the potential for "small pieces loosely joined" to be a legitimate operating principle for businesses. So we decided to think how we could help people pull together but with a very light touch and avoiding any instincts for conventional management.

To this end we approached NESTA about using their InnovationEdge conference in 2010 as a focus and setting up a chain of events leading up to this through which we would collectively "keep moving, stay in touch and head for the high ground. Mike Atherton has set up a blog and a wiki to cover our activities and Amplified 08: 27th November 2008 set up as the first of these events.

If you want to get involved and come along then sign up on the wiki.