Eight things you probably don't know about me

I have done several [x] Things You Don't Know About Me before but thanks to David Cushman have been handed the baton again.

Here we go:

1. I got my nose broken when i was about eight years old by a bit of plywood spun at me like a frisby.
2. I spent two months one winter busking in restaurants and cafe's in Pau in the south west of France.
3. I did a motorcycle ride known as "The Four Corners" visiting the furthest east, west, north and south corners of the British Isles.
4. I have climbed all of the 3,000 ft hills in England and Wales and around 45 Munros in Scotland - not enough basically.
5. I appeared as one of the phone answering panel on the original "Rock Around The Clock" charity show in about 1985.
6. I once put the wrong studio on the air for 1 min 45 seconds on the BBC World Service thereby broadcasting a colleague taking level off tapes to millions of listeners.
7. I just got my first reading glasses.
8. I am not doing this again.