The Four Principles Of Social Computing In Business

A comment from Andrew MacAfee that it is not management that slows Enterprise 2.0 adoption but users reminded me of the need to do anything to help them find their feet and gain confidence and that made me think of the power of Open Space whose Four Principles could easily be applicable to social computing in business:

Whoever comes are the right people - this is meant to alert the participants to the fact that whoever attends a session is "right" simply because they care to be there.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have - this is meant to tell the attendees to pay attention to what is going on at the moment, instead of worrying about what could possibly be.

Whenever it starts is the right time - clarifies that there is no given schedule or structure and emphasises creativity and innovation.

When it's over, it's over - to tell the participants not to waste time, but move on to something else when the fruitful discussion is over.

source Wikipedia

As those of you who have experienced the power of Open Space will know these are not irresponsible laissez faire but tough principles that unlock all sorts of magic that would never happen in more directed environments.

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