National Secular Society


I just joined because their vision seemed worth standing up for:

We want a society:

In which those who have no religious beliefs do not suffer discrimination or disadvantage as a result. We want to ensure that religion is not allowed to dominate those areas of society that we all have to share – education, health care, social services and the political arena. We think religious views should be accorded only the respect they earn, not what they simply demand.

Where free expression is recognised and valued as the very bedrock of a democracy, and where it is vigorously protected.

Where people are allowed to make up their own minds and allowed to freely change their beliefs or abandon them if they want to.

In which education is objective and free from ideological manipulation. We want our education system to be secular, so that children can make up their own minds about what they believe. ‘Faith schools’ have no part in such a system.

In which human rights are paramount and can never be sidelined by religious demands.

With a clear separation of church and state so that no religion or denomination receives special privileges.