"That's Interesting" is the Base Unit of Blogging

I was listening to Twit the other day when the contributors were talking about their concern that too many blogs "just" pointed to stuff. I am not so sure that this is a problem and sort of rests on the, mistaken in my view, assumption that blogging has to be like journalism.

One of the original uses of blogs was to point to stuff and to add comment about why it was interesting enough to point to. A lot of the benefit I get from the bloggers in my aggregator is their ability to find and point to good stuff related to my interests and concerns. Yes there is also great original content in there but even if all they did was point to stuff I would still get value from subscribing to them.

This relates to a conversation I am having with someone in a news agency where I am arguing that part of the work of agencies has always been "finding the good stuff" from the mix of paid journalists, stringers and freelancers and is this so different from building a brand on finding the good stuff on the web?