Going back to my roots

When I first started blogging eight years ago there weren't many of us around. There were much fewer blogs, no Twitter, no RSS, no Facebook and nothing called social media. Life was simpler then!

One of the joys for me of blogging was the ability to form relationships with smart and interesting people but recently those people have begun to get drowned in the noise. Don't get me wrong, I believe we need noise. We need more people saying what they think and don't need tidy managed sanitised but ultimately boring information spaces. But we also need better signal-to-noise, ways of helping the good stuff to surface and then taking the time to understand that good stuff.

So, this is why my blog roll on the right of this blog has been severely hacked back. I will continue to read dozens of blogs through my RSS aggregator, I will continue to pick up on currently interesting stuff on Twitter, and I will continue to save stuff I found interesting on Delicious but I will also return to reading this small group of smart thoughtful bloggers by going to their blogs and reading them properly!