Keeping it real

It's been fascinating, and at times very moving, watching the events today around the inauguration of Barack Obama.

One thing that has been surprising though has been the speed of the changes to the official Whitehouse site and the way that they seem to be keeping going the Web 2.0 savviness that characterised Obama's election campaign. The site feels "real" in a way that so many institutional and business sites do not and Tim O'Reilly has put his finger of part of the reason for this:

One of the things that excites me the most is the way that the new administration is reaching out to small companies rather than to the normal behemoths who bid on government contracts. Among other things, in an environment where we all need to do more with less, it's fabulous to see how the latest web technology can be deployed by small teams.

Here's hoping others follow this particular bit of leadership.