The paradox of happiness

A shared link in Google Reader from Jackie Danicki yesterday morning led me to the wonderful Happiness Project blog from Gretchen Rubin. I had great fun surfing around the content in the blog and ended up watching Gretchen's movie The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short. Go off and have a look, it's only short, and then come back.

Having watched the movie I then took my youngest daughter to school and walked along side her as she rode on her scooter, down past the church in Great Missenden, through wonderful autumnal woods, stunning in the clear, cold sunlight. With Gretchen's words very much in mind I found myself welling up several times as I took in what was happening around me and considered the preciousness of the little bundle of joyful energy at my side.

Why welling up? Why the unbearable sadness following on from the intense joy? These moments are so fleeting. Moments of appreciation and being present give way all to soon to the normal dream like trance of busy-ness. And all to soon the moments pass, the years pass, and it's too late. We missed it.