A blast from my past

Another look back into my blogging past - this time to December 2001

Maybe it's just me....
I've been looking after my youngest daughter (one year old) all day today and we had a great day on our own!

But for some inexplicable reason I ended up in tears, sobbing as I sat on a seat in the bathroom as she played in her bath.

Maybe it was her unconstrained glee at splashing so much that the whole bathroom ended up soaked. Maybe it was the complete trust and optimisim in her eyes which touched a nerve in my own psyche...reminded me of the small child inside of me.

Maybe it was just the feeling of loving someone so much....so much more than myself, so completely and utterly that I forgot myself......

Maybe I cried because of the sadness of holding onto myself so much of the time, protecting myself......maybe I was jealous?