No, it's not a typo, nor the prettiest word, but having just read Stowe Boyd's post about "publicy" I like it. He defines it thus:

The idea of publicy is no more than this: rather than concealing things, and limiting access to those explicitly invited, tools based on publicy default to things being open and with open access.

Needless too say I am a fan of "publicy" and live more of my life, more openly than most, but it is not easy. Not everything is appropriate to make public and the expectation of being public can become an inhibitor as I have written before. In fact the lack of postings recently on this blog have been symptomatic of this.

What keeps me going, and what will get me started again soon - honest, is the basic desire for building and maintaining relationships. Ken Camp touches on it in this post.

When I get wearied by the noise and fuss about social media and the tools related to it I remind myself how much I have learned about myself and the wonderful connections and friendships I have made thanks to the web.